Home Security Cameras - Digital Video Recorder!

The crime rate is on an increase with growing uncertainty in world economy. Protection for people and properties is a must to combat with crooks and thief's who are on a look out for easy pickings. There are few things that you must consider when searching for decent home security cameras, or a security camera system.

A DVR kit with four cameras and a security monitor is suggested, Installation of this kit has many advantages. Make sure that two of the cameras are vandal proof or outdoor security cameras, one can be mounted watching the front door and the other watching your backyard or back door. You can mount the rest of the cameras in the house where you think you need to monitor your expensive house contents. All outdoor security cameras must be installed at a height, out of reach of burglars. DVR should be mounted in a place where burglars cannot get access to, eg: inside a wardrobe or even better if this can be mounted in the ceiling.

Home Security Essentials

Mandatory features a DVR must have:

  • DVR must have motion recording feature to get more recording time per hard drive space and video loss alert, in case a camera craps up or if the cable is tampered with.

  • Alarm inputs so that recording can be auto switched to panic mode, (usually panic mode is set to recording full DVR capacity) in event of a break-in.

  • Alarm outputs to send signals to the house alarm or to an outside siren to make loud noise and alert neighbors.

  • Network capable, for connecting to the DVR remotely and monitor your property while you are miles away.
Hope the information is useful in protecting your property.

Home Security Cameras - Digital Video Recorder!

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